About Us

Welcome to The GPL Server About Us Page started out with a simple goal in mind, we wanted to make a plugin that was extensive, simple and inexpensive for all. We feel that we have accomplished that mission up to date. GPLserver is looking for new and innovative ways to give our members more exciting avenues into other possibilities like adding Wordpress & Woocomerce templates to the menu in the coming year at no extra cost to our current members. 

Who Are We

We are GPL Server and we provide the best Wordpress & Wocommerce plugins on the planet. We offer 100’s of top quality plugins for website owners & Webmasters all in 1 plugin.

How It Works

It is really quite simple to get started. You can download the free trial plugin that gives you several plugins you can download for free. If you like the plugin you can purchase it right from your admin panel or 

Other Tidbits

Our 6-D Process



Discover just how simple GPLserver plugin is to get uploaded and activated. Get weekly updates as long as you are a member on installed plugins.



Define how great your site can be with GPLserver plugin and let us simplify your website building experience. 100’s of top quality plugins to choose from.



We have designed our plugin to be simple to use and offer all the perks you will need to make your site top notch in no time. 



We are constantly working on new features of GPLserver plugin and we listen to our members also. We do our best to keep quality and simplicity in mind at all times.


Plugin Updates

Updates are very simple to do right within your Wordpress admin area. All plugins update just like any other plugin you now use. As long you are a member, all updates are 100% FREE!


We Deliver

GPL Server delivers top quality premium plugins with simplicity in mind for all our members.  We simply give you the best for less hands down!

Why Choose Us?

GPL Server gives you more bang for the buck than any other plugin on the market.

As we have said through out our site that we believe in quality & simplicity for our memebrs.

We understand how important answers to your questions are to you. We do our best to get them answered as quickly as possible.

We understand how frustrating it is to be working on your website and see you need a plugin. You can search GPLserver plugin and find what you need quickly. Saving you loads of valuable time with your project.

We offer all our members free updates on plugins right from your admin area. Just click “update” in your plugins area and it gets done automatically.

All plugins are stored on our servers so as not to bog down your website. You only download and store the plugins you need and activate, that’s it!

We keep our code as clean & lean for our plugin and as up to date as possible for all members. Our team has over 50 years of combined Wordpress plugin experience. 

Some Numbers

GPLserver plugin is growing pretty fast!

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